Tools – 200$ How To Set Up An Electronics Lab

Hi guys,

I know that I have almost all the information on my Tools page, but here I will leave some photos of my lab and some tips! If you’re an hobbyist and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can buy almost everything for 200$ or something. For example at first you don’t need an Oscilloscope, you can learn without an expensive oscilloscope in the first years. And then if you really want to learn more, you can buy a good one. (How to make an Oscilloscope (Arduino))

5$ Fan for Soldering Station

5$ Fan for Soldering Station

So first I will show all my Soldering Tools (check this post for some Tips How to Solder), all this tools cost me about 40$. The helping hand was homemade It’s really easy to make one (you make make something like this) and you can save a few bucks. You can also make a Fan for your soldering station to blow the fumes away when you’re soldering.


Here are a few tools I had laying around, So I didn’t need to spend any money, but you can buy all of them for 40$ or less


My Multimeter is UNI-T, UT90 Series, It’s really good and just cost me about 50$ but you can buy a cheaper one!


Then you need some electronic components, in this picture it’s just a really tiny part of my stuff. If you’re starting with Arduino projects you just need to spend about 50$. (You can even make your Arduino)



If you buy all this stuff you will spend about 200$ and you will have all the stuff you need to start into electronics! But of course, in the long run you will need more and more stuff… at the moment I think I’ve spent over 800$, but I take this hobby really serious!

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Arduino Tinkerer. Circuits Designer. Electronics Hobbyist. Blogger and Entrepeneur. I live in Portugal and I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineer.
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2 Responses to Tools – 200$ How To Set Up An Electronics Lab

  1. Anon says:

    I think it is more fun buying the atmega (with arduino bootloader), crystal, caps, buttons, leds and ftdi header for building an arduino yourself on a breadboard rather than buying a ready-to-go solution. It also can be cheaper.

    • Rui Santos says:

      I know, but i was talking for a complete beginner with no experience in electronics, it’s not a good idea to start building an Arduino and you can buy a clone for 15$ or something and then for your next projects you can build your own arduino.
      But yes that’s the best solution.
      thanks for commenting

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