Arduino – 3 Books you Should Read

Hi guys,

In this post I will tell you 3 Arduino Books I’ve really enjoyed reading!

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Arduino Cookbook

Arduino Cookbook by Michael Margolis

This book covers everything from setting up the programming environment on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine, through to inputs such as switches, light and temperature, and outputs like lights, buzzers and relays.

It also includes examples of more complex interactions, like reading RFID, GPS and Gyroscopes, to interacting with the Internet and displaying text on a TV.

A great all round book for those with a little programming experience.

Beginning Arduino

Beginning Arduino by Mike McRoberts

A good book covering all the basics, not quite as in depth as the Arduino Cookbook, and very suitable for beginners with no previous programming experience is needed as the book leads you through by way of well thought out examples.

30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius

30 Arduino Projects for the Evil Genius by Simon Monk

This is a reasonably basic book, and should be a good guide for a beginner, or someone just beyond flashing an LED.

It covers setting up your development environment right through to measuring pulse rate using a IR led and phototransistor and reading arduino values from a PC for data logging. The projects are all quite “quirky” and show the author has really thought outside the box (hyphotizer, servo controlled laser, Light Harp!).

Not really a beginners book, but lots of fun to be had tweaking these ideas.

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