Arduino – Ultrasonic Sensor with LED’s and buzzer

Hi guys this is my first tutorial,  I’ve just started a few months ago learning electronics (previously I’ve just knew how to program in C and Python). When I finished this project (took me about 5 hours or something) I’ve decided to share to help anyone that is starting in electronics.

What’s this project about?

Basically we have an Ultrasonic sensor that measures the distance and the LED’s bar graph will light up according to our distance from the sensor and as we get closer the buzzer beeps in a different way. This circuit can work as a parking sensor! It’s easy and cheap.

Check out the YouTube video and the instructables for more detailed information.

The code it’s on instructables but you can download it here:

Click here to download


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8 Responses to Arduino – Ultrasonic Sensor with LED’s and buzzer

  1. Ajinkya says:


  2. Muhammad says:

    can I use this same device to measure the water level??

    and what do I need to do if I want to add an LCD screen to this project?

    • Rui Santos says:

      You can use an Arduino to measure the water level and you can use the same concept for the LED’s to light up according how much water it has on the tank for example, but you need a sensor for that.
      You want to add an LCD screen to my project to do exactly what? represent the distance instead of the LED’s?

      • Muhammad says:

        I want to measure the water level inside a tank. I’m thinking about using the ultrasonic sensor with the LCD screen (for arduino) to display how much water do I have inside the tank. I may use the buzzer to notify the user when the water level is low.

        Can you help?!

  3. Rui Santos says:

    It depends on the ultrasonic sensor and LCD screen you’re using, but it’s pretty easy to do what you need, just need to make a few changes on my code…

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